A Global Partner

POLYFAVO strives to be a worldwide leader in manufacturing PP honeycomb panels and box pallets, engaging in the entire supply chain process. We provide a diverse range of sustainable packaging solutions for various markets, starting from granules and culminating in the delivery of final plastic products. With expertise in design, manufacturing, and recycling, our dedicated team collaborates closely with customers to implement efficient measures that minimize their environmental footprint.

At POLYFAVO, we are driven by a shared commitment to reducing the impact of businesses on the environment while delivering optimal solutions to meet market demands.

To be a Parnter —-

10+ years of material experience

POLYFAVO boasts an extensive track record and profound proficiency in plastics extrusion, bolstered by valuable collaborations with key account customers across diverse markets. Our remarkable growth trajectory over the past decade has been fueled by strategic acquisitions and the establishment of production facilities in China. This expansion has solidified our presence and allowed us to tap into new opportunities while further enhancing our capabilities.

At POLYFAVO, we are dedicated to delivering excellence through our unrivaled expertise and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to forge a partnership with you as our esteemed next collaborator.