also known as polypropylene bubble guard board, is a type of plastic sheet material commonly used in various industries, including automotive and surface protection. It is composed of multiple layers of polypropylene with a series of air-filled bubbles in between.

CategoriesPolypropylene (PP) Bubble Board
Provided ServiceDie-cutting, Sealing, Bending, Welding, Printing, Spunbond Lamiantion
Grade V0-V2 UL94 FR, Anti-static
Main Applicationsurface sheilds, floor protection, side/back/roof panel for auto etc
Main Colorsblack, dark grey, light grey, etc.
FOB portShanghai, China


Polypropylene (PP) Bubble Board from POLYFAVO

PP bubble guard board offers several desirable properties for automotive and surface protectino applications. It is lightweight, making it suitable for reducing the overall weight of vehicles and improving fuel efficiency. Additionally, it provides excellent protection against impacts, making it suitable for areas prone to damage from road debris or other hazards.

In the automotive industry, PP bubble guard board can be used for various purposes, such as interior trim, protective panels, spare wheel covers, seat backs, and more. Its versatility, durability, and protective properties make it a popular choice for automotive manufacturers seeking reliable materials for different components and applications.


different Bubble Guard

We provide a range of PP bubble guard boards tailored for various applications. Our offerings include three-layer, two-layer, and laminated options with nonwoven or other fabric materials.

The three-layer PP bubble guard boards consist of one side concave (sunken) and the other side with prominent dots, while the middle layer consists of a honeycomb-like arrangement of air pockets. These boards are designed to offer optimal strength and impact resistance for demanding applications.

Our two-layer PP bubble guard boards feature an outer layer and a middle layer filled with air bubbles. They strike a balance between durability and weight, making them suitable for applications where a lighter material is desired without compromising protection.

For surface good look and protection, we offer laminated PP bubble guard boards that incorporate nonwoven or other fabric materials. This lamination process provides additional benefits such as improved insulation, sound absorption, and enhanced surface properties.


3 Layer

PP+Bubble PP+PP


2 Layer

Bubble PP+PP


3 Layer with Nonwoven

PP+Bubble PP+PP+ Nonwoven


2 Layer with Nonwoven

Bubble PP+PP+Nonwoven

Custom service

In addition, we provide customized services such as screen printing, die cutting, edge sealing, and hot-cutting for trunk covers and other applications. This allows us to meet your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions that best fit your needs.


Edge Sealing

Bank Extrusion Sealing



Cutting and Hole Punching



Felt Lamination for Surface Protection



Cutting with edge sealed for trunk cover

Product Available

PP bubble boardPP bubble board with non-woven fabric
Width:Max. Width 2.1M
Size:1000x2000mm, 1200x2400mm, 1220x2440mm are standard. Other size can be customized.
Colour:Black, gray, beige are available.
Other colors can be customized according to RAL / Pantone.
BoardBlack, gray, beige are available.
Other colors can be customized according to RAL / Pantone.
FabircBlack, light black, Grey, White, Blue.
Surface:bubble surfaceSingle or double side for fabric lamination is available.

What is Bubble Guard Board?

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