We provide tailored processing services for PP Honeycomb Sheets and Pallet Sleeve Boxes.

POLYFAVO not only manufactures and wholesales polypropylene honeycomb sheets, PP corrugated boards, and thermoplastic sheets but also offers customized processing services for plastic sheets. To meet the specific needs of our customers, we have expanded our capabilities beyond being a manufacturer and wholesaler of plastic sheets by establishing ourselves as a dedicated processing entity. This advancement further solidifies our position as a highly professional plastic product manufacturer.

Currently, our processing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and staffed by a skilled team of engineers and technicians. Our comprehensive custom processing services encompass a wide range of techniques such as die-cutting, creasing, CNC cutting, screen printing, digital printing, vacuum forming, blow molding, Die-Casting molding, thermal bending, welding, edge sealing, and more. Additionally, we provide full support for OEM and ODM services, including product design, accessory and packaging sourcing, mass production, and everything in between. At POLYFAVO, we offer a seamless one-stop solution for all your plastic manufacturing needs.


CUTTING / creasing

We possess over 10+ automatic die-cutting machines, creasing machine and several semi-automatic die-cutting machines, capable of precisely cutting and creasing PP corrugated sheets, PP honeycomb panels.

In addition, our CNC cutting machine enables us to perform 90-degree grooving on PP honeycomb Boards. 


Plastic sheets, including lightweight PP Hollow sheets and pp honeycomb sheets, are widely used materials in the advertising, printing, and packaging industries. Printing is an essential process associated with these applications.

At our facility, we offer a range of printing options, including screen printing and digital printing. Each printing method is suitable for different types of patterns and printing substrates. Screen printing is compatible with nearly all plastic sheets, although it is more suitable for simple designs. Digital printing allows for a wide variety of patterns and substrates, but it can be relatively more expensive.


THERMOFORMING /die-casting

POLYFAVO’s thermal processing workshop specializes in vacuum forming, blow molding, and injection molding. Within our facility, we have multiple vacuum forming machines with various specifications, enabling us to handle products of both large and small sizes through thermal processing techniques.

Our automated vacuum forming machine has the capability to produce up to 2000 vacuum-formed products per day, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply capacity. At POLYFAVO, we provide PP, HDPE, ABS, and TPO sheets, all of which are thermoplastic sheets renowned for their exceptional thermoforming performance. The thermoformed products manufactured using these sheets exhibit high quality and are resistant to deformation or cracking.


Some of our customers are retailers who sell their products either in retail stores or online shops. We offer them custom-made products with individual packaging and complete accessories that can be sold directly to consumers.

For example, replaceable sidewalk sign boards that are selling well on Amazon are our regular monthly orders. The materials we provide are PP corrugated board, PVC sheet, PVC extruded profile and HDPE base. The materials we source are metal rods, markers, and packaging materials. Combined with the processing services we provide, the final products we provide to our customer are letter cards and display board sets.