We specialize in the production of van ply linings, auto side walland van linings designed for a wide range of vans, including popular models. We understand the key factors that matter when it comes to van linings: lightweight construction, superior stability, and durable surfaces.

Moreover, we excel in providing custom solutions for the passenger car industry. Our trunk floors, cover trunk and textile molded parts are not only functional but also crafted with a focus on high quality and precision.

POLYFAVO Solutions

Durable and lightweight, the POLYFAVO honeycomb sheet offers exceptional impact resistance, water-proof and chemical resistance. It serves as an excellent substitute for wood and aluminum panels, providing an optimal solution for reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles. Having established long-standing collaborations with renowned OEMs auto and tier suppliers in the automotive industry, POLYFAVO has developed innovative solutions that assist car manufacturers in overcoming their performance obstacles.



A common challenge among the latest electric vehicles is their excessive weight.

However, with POLYFAVO’s innovative and ultra-lightweight polypropylene honeycomb panel, you can achieve a favorable weight balance. Our van linings and trunk floors, for instance, offer a weight reduction of up to 60% compared to wood alternatives. This weight reduction not only enhances the range of your vehicle but also increases its load capacity.